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9th May 2021 - Blogging and Google Sites... can it be done?

How do we create a blog using Google Sites? That's a good question. Out of all the things that Google Sites can do I find this the hardest to find the best solution.

So, what I have found is that there seems to be no way to create what I would call a traditional 'blog' or 'news' summary page with posts that are saved in chronological sequence... What!? This seems like a major oversight from Google. I mean one of the most useful things about creating a news or blog site is to have all the heavy lifting done by the CMS (content management system).

Google has left this part of the system out. What can you do? Well there are a few things:

  • Create the summary page yourself, ordering the posts in the correct sequence (just hope to hell you don't want to change the sequence in the future - otherwise you would have to 'manually' reorder all the summary posts - nightmare.

  • Create the blog posts (full articles) and do not add them to the menu - just have a link to the summary page created above.

Wow, this is like going back to the dark ages. I REALLY thought they would have some clever solution to this but no.

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