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Free Tools and Utilities to make your life better

What's this all about?

Hi there,

Here's links and info that I collect on a daily basis. It's very eclectic. Random almost. Whatever I feel like posting goes on here, some of it helps me remember stuff for later. There may be some stuff on here that helps you.

So, why use Google Sites? Well, it's come a long way and is really easy to keep up to date. In fact why not?

How much is this site / solution going to cost. Apart from the domain name.... Nothing :)

Free Windows Tools and Utilities

The idea here is to find the easiest and most effective way of creating a website that covers a certain subject. In this case I'm talking about very useful Windows utilities and Tools to make your life easier.

Windows tools are so plentiful that most people swamp their hard disk with 100's of tools and utilities that basically do pretty much the same thing.

I want to focus only on those Windows tools that are:

The other aspect here is to actually use some of these tools to create this website in the most effective way. Yes, the site needs to be responsive, maintainable, easy to access and subjectively it must look 'ok'. 

Let's not obsessed with the 'look and feel' bit though as Google likes some things but design wise - you can do what you like. I mean just look at some of the sites that rank #1 on Google for stuff!